Two Suns Rising

Hatha Yoga School – St. Augustine, Florida


“Two Suns Rising Yoga training program really expanded my knowledge of yoga way beyond the asana practice…You dig deep on so many levels that by the end of the training you really awaken to the true self with support from fellow students and Didier and Ann, the instructors.”

J.N.  Two Suns Rising Yoga Teacher Training, 2014-15

“My experience at Two Suns Rising Yoga Teacher Training was transformational! I thoroughly enjoyed the emphasis on spirituality which helped to deepen my understanding of the benefits of yoga as well as to expand my heart and mind. Ann and Didier are wonderful teachers with so much wisdom and knowledge to share. The classes were informative and fun! I highly recommend this training!”

Tami Albritton

Two Suns Rising Yoga Teacher Training participant, 2014-15

“Take your Yoga to the next level and beyond, learn to enter your heart and be one with the Divine, then poetry will spill forth from your inner being. And best of all you will learn how to help others down this path of Yoga, where Peace and Love will become a integral part of your life. Only with Two Suns Rising Yoga teacher training.”

Byron Colley

Two Suns Rising Yoga Teacher Training participant, 2013-14

“Didier and Ann perfectly complement each other in the Two Suns Rising program. Didier Razon’s extensive experience and prodigious knowledge of asana provide ideal hatha yoga training. Ann Kiyonaga’s visualization journeys to the heart provide a unique bhakti yoga path to emotional awareness and inner blossoming. Both have studied the great works of yoga and Hinduism. This is a teacher training program for the mind, heart, spirit, and body!”

Chris Boortz

Two Suns Rising Yoga Teacher Training participant, 2012-13

“Didier Razon and Ann Kiyonaga-Razon created a safe and comfortable environment, which allowed us to learn. Didier brought patience and precision in his instructions on how to correctly perform asanas. Meanwhile, Ann focused on working with energies and awareness, helping us to align to our inner Self, so we could radiate grace with ourselves and others.”

“I recommend this training to anyone who wants a transformation in their own practice, or if they feel called to share this practice with others as a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.”

“My favorite thing about the Two Suns Rising Yoga teacher training is we learned how to teach versus just learning how to call out the names of poses.”

Karol Holiday

Two Suns Rising Yoga Teacher Training participant, 2011-12

“If I had to sum up my experience of Two Suns Rising in one sentence, I would have to say that the training transformed every aspect of my life: everything is different, new, fresh.”

Caryn Keshner

Two Suns Rising Yoga Teacher Training participant, 2010-11

“Didier and Ann bring their own uniqueness and areas of specialty to the yoga training. Didier can walk on his hands and Ann can take you to the center of your heart. The training was a wonderful experience for me in ways I could not have imagined. It opened the door to my Reiki Practice and to the Divine.”

Dane Boggs – Reiki Master

Two Suns Rising Yoga Teacher Training participant, 2006-07