Two Suns Rising

Hatha Yoga School – St. Augustine, Florida

About Ann

photo_for_area_team-webAnn Kiyonaga-Razon holds a master’s degree in international studies from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Shortly after receiving this degree, she had a mystical experience through an encounter with a meditation master, which led to the great good fortune of spending eleven and a half years in an Indian ashram (monastery).

The mystical life lends itself to the language of poetry. Thus, naturally, Ann eventually found herself drawn to this beautiful art form. Aside from writing poetry, Ann has offered readings, taught poetry classes to both adults and children, and presented her “Touch the Poet Within” workshop. Additionally, she served as the “poetry facilitator” for monthly gatherings at the local Barnes and Noble, over a two-year period.

Ann is also a yoga teacher, a profession she enjoys immensely as-aside from the obvious physical benefits–yoga naturally encourages and uplifts.
Ann helps offer the annual Two Suns Rising Yoga Teacher Training with her husband, Didier, which includes presenting and facilitating a contemplation called “Journey to the Heart” as well as instruction on finding ones own voice as a yoga teacher.
Additionally, she enjoys immensely artistic expression. Presently, during the month of May, an exibibit of some of her artwork is being held at a local gallery. She has also started creating cards with her artwork.

Lastly, Ann offers healing which she calls “Grace of the Heart Healing.”

Ann has lived in many parts of the world, starting out in Japan (her place of birth) and including Central and South America, Europe, and India. She has also visited many other farflung places! Presently, Ann resides in Florida with her husband, Didier, and their two sons.