Two Suns Rising

Hatha Yoga School – St. Augustine, Florida

About Didier

didier_on_beach-web1Didier has been interested in yoga and the mystical side of life since his teenage years. On his own, he started practicing yoga asanas in Casablanca, Morocco, where he grew up. (This was during the decade of the seventies where very few were familiar with this practice, let alone in Morocco!) He received guidance in this endeavor by way of a couple of books in French by renowned yoga teacher – Andre Van Lysbeth – who followed the Sivananda method.

In the early eighties Didier traveled to India and Asia. In 1985, he had the great good fortune to meet his spiritual teacher in India. Subsequently, due to this auspicious event, he spent the next ten years living in Her ashrams (monasteries) in India, France, and the United States.

While living in the ashram, Didier had the opportunity to study hatha yoga with several teachers, notably John Friend – the founder of Anusara Yoga. Didier was, at one time, an Anusara affiliated teacher. He is presently certified through the Sivananda and Sri Mahesh Schools of Yoga.

In 2000, Didier created his own yoga school that he named “Two Suns Rising Yoga”. Rumi, a great Sufi poet saint (1207-1273) wrote a beautiful poem which alludes to this same theme, and it reads:

What a day today.
There are two Suns rising!
What a day,
Not like any other day.
The Light is shining in your heart,
The wheel of Life has stopped.
Oh, you who can see into your own heart,
What a day,
This is your day.

This school offers the richness of Didier’s experience, meaning his years of ashram life, as well as his participation in the various yoga trainings. These, along with his keen interest in the mystical and multifaceted field of yoga renders his yoga comprehensive and unique.