Two Suns Rising

Hatha Yoga School – St. Augustine, Florida

Welcome to Two Suns Rising Yoga!

Video Introduction

Teacher Training (2016-2017)


Two Suns Rising Yoga represents a comprehensive approach to yoga. It embraces yoga philosophy, symbolism, and the postures – along with an essential understanding of alignment. The name Two Suns Rising refers to the sun in the outer sky, as well as the sun – that luminosity – which illunines our inner landscape. It is an expression of the understanding that the outer reflects the inner. Thus, Two Suns Rising Yoga seeks to further awaken the light inside us, so that light can bathe our interior reality as well as shine out more brilliantly into the world around us…

The practice of this style of yoga is founded on the ancient tradition of Kashmir Shaivism. This philosophy teaches that the universe is pure consciousness – a full expression of the divine. Nothing exists that is not Shiva (God).

The Two Suns Rising School of Yoga brings the student to the understanding of his or her inner greatness. Didier and Ann are very grateful to their teacher who has taught them a way of life, and the essential understanding that enlightenment is the purpose of human existence.